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Established in 1999, as a subsidiary of Younghi Industry Limited, we were originally set up to sell AC/DC products in the international market. During the last several years, AC/DC has grown and expanded its business of exporting Chinese spare auto parts and has become a global provider of OEM and aftermarket services. Our Suppliers, Products, and Production Processes

Our suppliers and partners are leading Chinese manufacturers.
Our product range includes those for all makes of Korean, Japanese, European and American cars - with more than 100 lines. We have CE, ISO 9001, QS-9000 marks. Our large exports enable us to achieve pricing advantages by leveraging our total sales volume. With a fully integrated computerized system where over 20,000 products are stored, customer orders can be processed immediately and properly.

Global Franchise Program
To enhance the image of China-made auto parts in the international market, AC/DC introduced its global franchise program in 2001. The franchisee receives strong training, marketing and technical support from AC/DC. Now, after two years, the AC/DC international network covers more than 30 countries.

Our Goal and Mission: Sustainable Growth
It is the mission of AC/DC to provide superior customer service at fair prices. Our goal is to achieve sustainable growth by:
* Providing total customer satisfaction
* Achieving operational excellence and continuous improvement
* Offering our partners continuous training, marketing, and technical support